"I will not be satisfied until every man, woman, and child experiences the joy of the creative process. At Tangle, we help nurture this process through the development of fun, creative, and engaging art and playthings that are aesthetically pleasing and meant to be touched, held, and experienced. --Richard X Zawitz”



Ableplay Rating Overview
tangle creations
tangle creations

What the Stars Mean

* * * * * Product is exceptional for children in that disability category
* * * *Product is very good for children in that disability category
* * *Product is good for children in that disability category
* *Product is adequate for children in that disability category
*Product is not suitable for children in that disability category

A strong rating in any category makes the product a good toy

For example take a product which receives 2 stars in Physical, two stars in Sensory, four stars in Communicative and one star in Cognitive. This will be just the choice for those buying toys for children with autism and other communicative disabilities. In this case, a high rating in one category is exactly what consumers will be looking for.

Very few toys receive strong ratings in all or almost all categories

Very few toys have strong ratings in all categories. Most toys score strongly in one area as toys have different areas of emphasis. For example, a child with a sensory disability such as a visual impairment may not benefit as much from a board game that has read-only cards. But this toy may be a great game for a child with a cognitive disability such as learning delays.

Disability Category Explanation

PhysicalPhysical disabilities relate to children with disabilities affecting their motor systems. These can include skeletal, muscle, and joint abnormalities which in turn limit a child’s ability to move, stand, sit, play, or reach

Some of the major physical disabilities are:
-Cerebral Palsy
-Muscular Dystrophy
-Multiple Sclerosis
-Spin Bifida
-Paraplegia /Quadriplegia

These disabilities relate to a child’s ability to gather and understand information form the environment through any of the five senses

Some of the major sensory disabilities are:
-Deaf or Hard of Hearing
-Visual Impairment
-Sensory Processing Disorder

These disabilities relate to a child’s inability to communicate verbally due to limited or altered comprehension and use of language

Some of the major communicative disabilities are:
-Autism Spectrum Disorders
-Speech and Language Delay

These disabilities relate to a child’s inability to process information, reason, remember, and express emotions.

Some of the major cognitive disabilities are:
-Down syndrome
-Intellectual Delays
-Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
-Attention Deficit Disorder/Hyperactivity Disorder
-Learning Disabilities

Dr. Toys 100 Best Toys 2013
tangle creations
Dr. Toys 100 Best Toys

Dr. Toys Top 10 Best Toys 2013 -- We are the top 10 best active toy

tangle creations
tangle creations

Toy Tips Grades the Tangle Matrix NightBall

This rubber light-up football features bright LED's lights within a matrix design. Testers found that throwing and catching was easy for small hands as well as adults. Throwing enhances fine and gross motor skills while exercising hand eye coordination, spatial relations and concentration. Catching uses the same skills but also requires focus and judging quick movement. Approximately 8 inches tip-to-tip. Batteries are included.

Testers' Tip

"Ideal for family get-togethers and birthday parties. Keep in the car for impromptu visits to the park or beach."


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